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Born 27.7.1943 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia. Was introduced to fine arts in early childhood by his father. In school Pavel has been excelling in both – drawing and technical subjects. His interest in design and architecture influenced the choice of his further studies – he decided for Faculty of Architecture on Technical University. After disappointment with the state of architecture at that time in Czechoslovakia, when any creativity was banned from architectural planning, Pavel Miksik has changed for Department of Sculpture on the Academy of Fine Arts. He has graduated in 1968.

During author’s studies in 1966 he won First prize in graphic design competition for a magazine layout, which became his first real project. After graduation Pavel won another First prize, this time for Dr. Clementis Memorial, which was a great start for beginning artist. Later on he was awarded First prize in many other national and international competitions. His spectrum was wide, from bronze figures, ceramics, glass, artprotis, graphics, but also industrial design. Pavel was working on a sailboat project as well as an avant-garde sportscar “Esox”, which became a buzzword in media those days (1974).

In last 40+ years Pavel has been specialising on creation of fountains, from interior and drinking fountains to large-scale monumental pieces. In this field Pavel is considered to be an expert, featured in magazines, tv and radio. He is approaching his fountains as complete solutions, from water shape and engine calculations, to designing the whole monumental piece. One of his most popular creations is the Singing Fountain in Czech spa town Marianske Lazne. It is a complex sound-water-light piece with well-attended daily concerts. It was a first fountain of its kind in the world.

Author is a member of the Professional Artist Group ART CLUB 60+8. He does take part in annual exhibitions, works and lives near Bratislava, Slovakia.


University of Technology / Bratislava / Czechoslovakia
Academy of Fine Arts and Design / Bratislava / Czechoslovakia


2006         Monument with light effects in Zahorska Bystrica (Slovakia)
2006         Fountain in Zahorska Bystrica (Slovakia)
2005         Fountain in the Main Square in Samorin (Slovakia)
2004         Interior fountain for a private mansion in Samorin (Slovakia)
2002         Memorial for local firefighters (Mliecno/Slovakia)
2000         Interior fountain for “Ceska Sporitelna” in Prague (Czech Republic)
1999         Interior fountain for “Hvezda” Hotel (Marianske Lazne/Czech Republic)
1998         Fountain for a private mansion in Trnava (Slovakia)
1996         Monument for VUB (Bank) Headquarters (Bratislava/Slovakia)
In front of the VUB headquarters in Bratislava this object has been installed in 1996. It’s purpose is to protect the ventilation entrance of the bank’s air conditioning system. It was designed as a piece of art which has to satisfy various technical and security requirements. Materials used: stone, stainless steel, eloxed aluminum.
1996         Fountain for VUB (Bank) Headquarters (Bratislava/Slovakia)
Fountain is literally growing out of the paving in front of the main entrance to the VUB Headquarters. The fountain uses a classic water management solution with an underground reservoire. During the winter, although without water (due to temperatures below 0) still being a valued sculpture. The concentric composition gives an impression of a dynamic relief. The piece is made of granite and polished and gilded stainless steel. In the night time lit with different light sources. Year of installation: 1996.
1995         Fountain in the historical square in Dolny Kubin (Slovakia)
1994         Interior fountain in the Hotel Butterfly in Marianske Lazne (Czech Republic)
1994         Fountain in front of Hotel Butterfly in Marianske Lazne (Czech Republic)
1994         St. Florian Memorial in Samorin (Slovakia)
On demand of the local firefighters in Samorin the memorial with sculpture of St Florian has been created. This monument has been installed in 1994 next to the main entrance to the cemetery in Samorin. St Florian is made of bronze, body of the memorial of artificial stone.
1993         Fountain for the Karlskrohn Town Hall (Germany)
Fountain embedded in front of the Town Hall in Karlskrohn (Germany). Created in 1993 as a winning project for international competition. The fountain is in principle an artesian well, with it’s own lights in the night time. This fact is the main idea of the project, which represents life-giving spring water opening the earth surface. The fountain is made of stainless steel and granite.
1993         Fountain in Cham (Germany)
1991         General Rastislav Stefanik’s Memorial in Samorin (Slovakia)
1991         Interior fountain in the “Slimak” shopping centre (Bratislava/Slovakia)
1991         Fountain Spindleruv Mlyn (Czech Republic)
1990         Fountain in the Main Square in Rimavska Sobota (Slovakia)
1990         Jubilee Fountain, Main Square (Trnava/Slovakia)
For the 750th anniversary of obtaining the municipal status in Trnava a jubilee fountain was created on the Main Square. The fountain consists of 750 jets aligned in a circular array. Made in 1990 from stainless steel and stone from the local quarry.
1987         Fountain Karolina’s Source in Marianske Lazne (Czech Republic)
The fountain is situated in front of the Karolina’s Source in spa town Marianske Lazne. The sculptural part is composed of a bronze fan arch with natural motives, embedded in an opening granite plateau. This piece is impressively lit during the night time. Created in 1987.
1987         Fountain Cross Spring in Marianske Lazne (Czech Republic)
This fountain patronizing the Cross Spring in the Eastern part of the spa colonnade in Marianske Lazne was created in 1987. It is a composition of convex shapes made of stainless steel, embedded into the stone paving.
1987         Sculpture for artesian well in Safarikovo, stainless steel (Slovakia)
1976-1986 Singing fountain in Marianske Lazne (Czech Republic)
Designed in 1977 for Czech spa town Marianske Lazne for the centre of colonnade. Since it’s creation The Singing Fountain has been the most admired and visited attraction in Marianske Lazne and surroundings. The attractiveness of this multimedia fountain created from granite and stainless steel lies in the regular evening concerts when the water, light and music creates a stunning choreography. Several famous music composers created music directly for this fountain. With it’s qualities and options, at the time of it’s creation, it was the only one of it’s kind in the world.
1986         Three drinking fountains in Medical Garden (Bratislava/Slovakia)
In the city park of the Aspremonte Palace you can find this composition of three drinking fountains. Various heights are respected and the smallest of the group is accessible to the children as well, who are often coming for a refreshment from the nearby playground. Made of marble and stainless steel in 1986.
1986         Fountain in Medical Garden (Bratislava/Slovakia)
Installed in 1986 for baroque park Medical Garden with aim to visually match with the style of the park. The choice of material was baroque as well – bronze and sandstone. This fountain is able to create several water shapes and has it’s own light system as well. The pool has a baroque ground-plan, with park seating around it creating a beautiful scenery for the heart of the fountain which is composed of four bronze swans.
1986         Fountain in front of the the Aspremonte Palace (Bratislava/Slovakia)
Situated in the garden of baroque Aspremonte Palace. A composition of 4 pigeons enjoying a quick bath in a fountain, created in 1986 in the place of original baroque fountain which has not been preserved. Main body is made of sandstone, pigeons are made of bronze.
1984         Fountain in front of the the Presidential Palace (Bratislava/Slovakia)
Installed in the Mierove Square, created with coauthors T.Bartfay and K. Lacko
1983         Fountain in the Presidential Palace Park (Bratislava/Slovakia)
During the reconstruction of the Presidential Palace in Bratislava this fountain has been installed in the park opposite the palace. It is a composition of three girls playing with a ball and was created with coauthors T.Bartfay and K. Lacko. Made of bronze and stone.
1982         Two fountains in the Trnava Park (Trnava/Slovakia)
1981         Fountain in the Bratislava Castle Park (Slovakia)
1981         Fountain in the atrium of Bratislava Culture Centre (Slovakia)
1980-2000 Fountain Bernice in Ziar Nad Hronom (Slovakia)
Situated in the main square of a Slovak town Ziar nad Hronom, famous as one of the biggest aluminum producers in the economic region. This fact was taken into consideration for planning of the placement and shape of the fountain. Removed in 2000 due to reconstruction works.
1979         Two fountains on the Terrace in the exterior of Bratislava Castle (Slovakia)
1977         Fountain in the Docklands (Bratislava/Slovakia)
1976         Fountain Maria (Bratislava/Slovakia)
Originally designed for City Park in Bratislava as a kinetic piece using sound and light effects. Mobile parts of the fountain were powered by water. Made of stainless steel resting on ceramic plateau. In 1986 moved to it’s current location.
1975         Sun Clock Culture Centre (Samorin/Slovakia)
1972-1974 Two fountains Natasha & Martha (author’s wife) Justice Palace, Bratislava
1970-1972 Dr. Vladimir Clementis Memorial (Tisovec/Slovakia) This is the winning concept of an anonymous competition in 1970, for Dr. Vladimir Clementis memorial in Tisovec. This was author’s first large-scale project after graduating from Art University and as a victory in national competition a good start of a successful career. The monument was made of stainless steel and granite in cooperation with J. Horvat. Installed in 1972.
1966-1992 Investicni Vystavba Praha Magazine about architecture – layout.


1995         Pictures and Bronze Figures – Ingolstadt (Germany)
1988         Artprotis – Newark (USA)
1982         Bronze Figures – Zurich (Switzerland)
1968-2008 Author takes part every year in group exhibitions
(bronze figures, interior fountains, pictures, artprotis, glass)


1993         Fountain in Karlskron – First prize International Competition (Germany)
1992         Fountain in Hradec Kralove – First prize International Competition (Czech Rep.)
1988         Exterior cascade for Slovak National Theatre – First prize (Czechoslovakia)
1988         Interior fountain for Slovak National Theatre – First prize (Czechoslovakia)
1981         Fountain for Culture Centre Bratislava – First prize (Czechoslovakia)
1971         Dr. Clementis Memorial – First prize National Competition (Czechoslovakia)
1966         Investicni Vystavba Praha – First prize National Competition (Czechoslovakia)

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